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Manitoba Angus Association Outlook Newsletter

Manitoba Angus Association Outlook Specifications 

Page Size                     Dimensions
Full Page                      7.75” X 10.25” (8.25” X 10.75” w/bleed)
2/3 page                       7.75” X 6.844”
½ page                         7.75” X 5.125” or 3.875” X 10.25”
1/3 page                       7.75” X 3.396”
¼ page                         3.875” X 5.146” or 1.917” X 10.25”

·         Photos – must be minimum of 260 dpi and either .jpg or .tiff format

·         PDF advertisements must be in grayscale and minimum 300 dpi

·         Please do not design ads with photos in Microsoft Word (the maximum resolution is 45 dpi and we require minimum of 260 dpi in order for your advertisement to not look pixilated and blurry). If you do wish to lay out your ad in Word, please send the word document as well as all picture files separately.

·         Ads designed in Publisher must be saved at 300 dpi (the commercial print setting).

·         We accept advertisements in the following formats: PDF, QuarkXpress, Publisher, JPEG and TIFF.


Advertising Rates (2015) 
Full Page Colour                       $500.00
Full page BW                            $200.00 
2/3 page                                   $160.00 
½ page                                     $125.00 
1/3 page                                   $100.00 
¼ page                                        $75.00
Business card is $125.00/ year

YEARLY CONTRACTS for all 3 issues. 


Full Payment is due all at once within 30 days of the billing.

To discuss a yearly contract of 2 Full Color and 1 B&W contact the editors.

 2021 ISSUES                           Deadline
Early February issue                 January 10

May issue                                 April 15

November issue                       October 1


These dates may change slightly if major events are held in our province to

accommodate the current information.

 Manitoba Angus "Outlook"  Canadian Publications Mail Product Registration #40045651
All payments and subscriptions to be addressed to:
Manitoba Angus Association Box 172 Pierson, MB R0M 1S0

The Manitoba Angus "Outlook" Newsletter is the official publication of the Manitoba Angus Association. It is published three times per year in the interest of all members of the Manitoba Angus Association and seeks to promote the growth and development of the Association and to print the news and educational material of use to them. There is no subscription fee for this newsletter and is distributed free of charge to all current paid members of the Manitoba Angus Association. The material produced is done so with the highest integrity, however we assume no responsibility for errors or omissions. We are responsible only for the value of the ad.  All advertising accounts must be paid in full within 30 days of billing before any more advertising is accepted. All other pages are open to any breeder to purchase. Anyone wishing to have their name on the mailing list or anyone wishing to advertise or submit news articles, please contact the Editors.


Please send your ad copy and news in early as we want to keep the postage dates as close as possible to the deadlines.

For advertising details and all add content send to

Or Contact Editors:

Lois McRae      or       Arlene Kirkpatrick

204-728-3058             204-725-3597