Manitoba Angus Cattle
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The Natural Choice

The Original Black Polled Canadian Angus

The first Aberdeen-Angus cattle were imported from Scotland to Canada in the 1860's and 1870's with the first recognized birth of a calf recorded in North America in 1877 at Guelph Ontario. The Canadian Aberdeen Angus Association was formed in 1905, incorporated in 1906 and has played a vital role in Canada's beef industry ever since.

Canadian Red Angus, "The Cow Makers"

The Red Angus movement in Canada was officially set in motion in 1968, when the Canadian Aberdeen-Angus Association herd books were opened to Red Angus cattle. Their outstanding growth and world-wide acceptance accounts for a 40% increase in registrations over the past three years.
The red factor that results in Red Angus is a recessive gene from the early development of Black Angus in Scotland. Essentially, the only difference between Red and Black Angus is that all Red Angus cattle registered in Canada must have the word "Red" as a prefix in their name.

Why Angus?

- Superb mothers with superior milking ability
- No dehorning with natural polled genes
- Calving ease & vigorous, live calves
- Virtually no cancer eye or sunburned udders
- Solid colouring that crosses well with any breed
- Early maturity and fertility
- Sound feet & legs for longevity
- Natural marbling for tasty, tender beef
- Preferred carcass size & quality
- Superior feed conversion
- Adaptable to all weather conditions
- Natural foraging traits
- Producing a distinct brand of beef

Consumer Information

Angus genetics deliver the traits cattle producers demand, and the flavour consumers want. Angus beef is gaining a committed following of quality-conscious retailers and taste-conscience consumers. In research trials, Angus cattle have demonstrated the ability to produce the type of beef that retailers and consumers are looking for...

Highly palatable, tender, well marbled and juicy.

In an effort to achieve consistency and quality in their products, food services are looking for a branded product they can count on. Angus producers are proud to brand, and stand behind the product they make.

Performance and productivity, tenderness and taste...Angus cattle deliver on every front what's important to both the industry and the marketplace.

That's the Angus Advantage.

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